"If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward you're always in the same place"

- Nora Roberts


Our Service

Our mentoring service has been developed in response to a lack of services available for young people aged 16 – 25 years who are involved in the early stages of anti-social or offending behaviour. Our mentor’s understand the pressures young people face today and the many things that influence their decision making and behaviour. We believe in second chances and learning from mistakes. We do not preach to young people because building trusting relationships where both young people and mentors are honest is a main strand of our overall intervention strategy. We endeavour to help young people steer away from the criminal justice system and into a productive life where they have a sense of purpose and a reality of being all they can be.

*We define anti-social behaviour as offending, violence & aggression and drug & alcohol misuse. However, we will also work with young people who are not engaging in society to their full potential due to mental health or relationship difficulties.


To be role models that help young people be included in society, where they have good relationships, including familial and external supports, are employed or are in training, involved in pro-social activities or interests and have stable housing arrangements.


The Process

We never give up young people who engage in our mentoring services. We believe in undertaking a thorough assessment that allows us to develop an intervention plan with the young person and where possible their family and other support networks. We use ASSET, which is an assessment tool that allows us to understand the stable and dynamic risk factors that influence the young person’s behaviour. It also helps us identify strengths that we can look to build on to help the young person change their anti-social or offending behaviour. The intervention plan, includes overall goals and specific measureable short term goals are agreed with the young person. This specifies regular meeting times, reviews and out of hours contact. We review all our cases regularly and where necessary provide a service report. Our mentors are supervised by our in house psychological services. We are also in the process of obtaining external supervision for the mentor’s service.

Lead Mentor Biography - About Martin Reilly

Martin Reilly is lead mentor at ISM and he uses his vast life experience and positive outlook on life to mentor young men. Martin grew up in Glasgow and as a young boy was involved in the gang culture, where violence and anti-social behaviour were both accepted and used on a regular occurrence. He spent much of his early youth in a List D residential school for boys. Inevitably Martin spent time in prison as an adult as well. He has first-hand experience of being excluded from society and in making changes to his life to be fully included and have a sense of purpose. Martin has undertaken courses in anger management, cognitive skills, violence prevention, alcohol awareness and motivational techniques. His status as an ex-offender allows him very quickly to identify with young people and having ‘walked the walk’ and ‘talked the talk, it makes him a great role model for young males who are on the cusp of social exclusion.

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